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We have 2 different whither sizes, regular and high.

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Providing thicknesses 0.5", 0.75" & 1" made out of 100% wool felt.


We will and can do custom cut-outs and custom wear pieces.

frequently asked question

What is the difference between wool and synthetic saddle pads?

Overall performance, comfort and durability.

Saddle pads have been around for a long time. Originally saddle pads were made out of wool, because there were no other options. In the last century, more and more saddle pads came on the market with the focus to make saddle pads less expensive. Synthetic fibers usually cost 5-10 times less than wool fibers and the manufacturing cost is less as the felt can be mass produced through a needle machine process. Initial savings with synthetic fibers comes at the cost of performance and comfort for your horse.

Wool vs. Synthetic Fibers

Here are some major differences:

  •  With its unique hollow structure, wool fiber can efficiently absorb and wick liquid

  •  Synthetic fiber is a man-made product that is solid with a crimp added in so the fiber will hold.  It will not hold together if kept smooth and will not absorb any liquid which means moisture is trapped in.

  • Wool fiber can be felted through a wet process which integrates the fibers both vertically and also horizontally and allows the fibers to stay the way they should.  This allows the wool to maintain its fiber memory, which is integral in providing long-term spring/cushion to the horse.

  • Synthetic fiber is smooth.  The only way to make felt with synthetic fiber is to 'needle' it together – this allows only vertical integration of the fibers (up and down) – which will collapse and offer no spring/cushion to the horse. 

  • Sheep wool has a surface with grip that naturally helps hold the pad in place and removes moisture from the horse while riding.  

  • Synthetic fiber is smooth.  It will start to slip, create friction and heat up because there is nowhere for the heat and moisture to dissipate to. The horse will sweat unnecessarily and in some cases, get sores at the friction points.

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